by Joey Prophet

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I thank the lord for his Mercy and Grace,
in a world where so many try to alter my faith,Like
Why believe in something that's man made?
Only miracles that exist are in jars of mayonnaise
it's all brain wash to keep the mass controlled,
Sneaks are the only thing that can have a soul?
but what about the universe? What about the planets?
they don't understand it!
I think they tryna justify the reason living lavish, so you block him from your heart, cause you can't kick the habit.
Sin is systematic, automatically nomadic, so erratic,
you could vanish if you haven't put your trust in GOD.
I'm raw, and i ain't talking about sushi,
Dead to the world, the flesh don't amuse me,
I pray to get a part, not clipped like a movie
i spit from the heart, i let the spirit move me.

He's wit me, wherever I go,
God got under control
he provides me with my needs, so im praying on my knees
and I'm thankful cause he saved my soul.
I said Glory 2 the father x 2.

So Marvelous,
The flesh yeah I'm starving it,
Christ is one body, I'm proud to be a part of it.
Sin I'm disregarding it, tossing in the garbage bin
haters blowing smoke like inhaling on a parliament
I simply wanna give the glory to the father,
he boosted up my spirit like phone to a charger
i follow him cause i know he takes me farther
pass the skies or the moon his blood is where i harbor
the devil really trying hard to conquer,
disguised as sheep but I stay with the armor
he's my crutch whenever my legs fail
my heart was in the right place but i was in them stairwells
getting high, but now it's farewell
no addiction yeah it's all swell.
all it takes is submission, the faith as a Christian,
will have you good and erase ur conditions.



released June 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Joey Prophet New York, New York

Christian Artist / Rapper Joey Prophet
Amazing unique sound that praises and Glorifies The Lord Jesus Christ.

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